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Imagine a single point of contact who knows your business, fleet and industry inside and out to maximize efficiency and cost savings. That’s your dedicated Enterprise Fleet Management Account Manager. (They’ll remember your birthday, too.)


Because we have 12 regional locations, your Account Manager knows, lives and works in your area. Meeting with them face-to-face is convenient, comfortable, and, we believe, critical to building a relationship and knowledge of your organization’s needs. Your Account Manager will develop a deep understanding of your business, your fleet and the local resources needed to keep you up and running.


Your Account Manager has industry knowledge to develop an optimal fleet strategy. Through that practical experience, each Account Manager learned the best practices of fleet management – from vehicle selection to fleet planning that delivers the most effective total cost of ownership. Because your account management team’s only job is to manage local fleets, their time and energy is focused on you.


Meetings and checkpoints throughout the year will help you continuously improve your program and prepare for the future of your fleet. During your annual review, your Account Manager will use our Cost Going Forward calculator to walk you through an in-depth analysis of your fleet usage, expenditures and needs, as well as industry benchmarks. Their proactive recommendations and updates will help you clarify goals while minimizing the time you would otherwise spend reacting to unexpected.


Our Account Managers operate with honesty and integrity. Throughout your relationship, you’ll only receive recommendations that truly benefit your organization. And because you and your Account Manager have access to the same fleet information through our Client Website, you’ll be able to work together to maximize efficiency and your investment.

A Few Ways We Save Money For Our Fleet Management Customers.

“My client are all over Malaysia, JMC’s DUO Card save us many time when one of the petrol station facing server down” Diamond Point Sdn Bhd

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