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We’ll prove it to you. With hands-on management, award-winning technology, and the infrastructure and expertise of Enterprise, the world’s largest fleet operator, we’ll show you how far an exceptional fleet program can take your organization while saving you thousands.


Let's built a better fleet
Building Successful Fleet Since 2016
Managing your fleet day to day is hard enough. Anticipating the future? That seems impossible. But that’s exactly how we do it at Enterprise Fleet Management. By combining analytics and our account managers’ industry expertise, we keep an eye out for what’s on the way – and how to make the most of it.
Our account managers are the key to it all. Most managed their own fleets before joining the Enterprise Fleet Management team. They’re your partner in enhancing your fleet – and they’re thrilled to lead the way.

We’ll help you:

  • Save Money 
  • Save Time 
  • Replace at the Right Time 
  • Track in Real Time 
We use award-winning technology and analytics to pinpoint opportunities to improve your fleet, whether you’re looking to save money or optimize your operations. Our tools and experienced team give you a clear view of your fleet, helping turn analytics into real recommendations.


  • Telematics 
  • Workshop Service Locator 
  • Petrol Station Locator 
  • Mileage Reporting 
  • Compliance Management Tracking 
  • Alerts & Reminders 
  • Real-Time Vehicle and Cost Tracking 


If you own or manage a fleet, chances are you’ve asked one or more of these questions lately. We’re ready to help.
How can I save money managing my fleet?
Every fleet is different, of course – and everyone has different goals for financial performance. Are you measuring savings in Ringgit per KM or in simple nett cost? Either way, the path to saving money and making the savings stick starts with a plan.

And we believe the best-performing fleet management plans come from professionals who know every detail inside and out. Whether it’s managing vehicle acquisition, petrol or maintenance, JMC has the infrastructure and knowledge to develop a plan that will help you meet your goals. We can save you money in the first year – and long-term.

How can JMC help my business?
JMC Fleet Management is the smart and easy way to control petrol and maintenance expenses. With programs that offer superior purchase controls, comprehensive and timely reporting, exception alerts and universal acceptance at nearly 2,000+ Petrol Station in Malaysia, JMC offers a Fleet Petrol Management Program to help keep your business running smoothly.
Are fleet cards only for large companies with a lot of vehicles?
No. A “fleet” can be a single car used by a sole proprietorship, or thousands of different vehicles deployed by a large corporation. That’s why JMC offers cards for both smaller businesses and large fleets.
What kind of reporting will I get with my JMC Petrol Management account?
JMC offers several comprehensive report options for you to choose from including (but not limited to):

Invoice Report

Vehicle Report

Cardholder Activity Report

RM / KM Report

Driver Report

Usage Alert Report

Product Summary Report

Why should I sign up for JMC Fleet Management?
The JMC program saves you time and money while providing greater control of business expenses.

Save Time. Timely and comprehensive purchase tracking and transaction reporting eliminates the need to chase paper receipts, track and reconcile driver purchases or gather tax documentation. JMC does it all for you with combined petrol and vehicle maintenance purchases on one consolidated statement and online reporting tool.

Save Money. JMC saves Petrol expenses by reducing and reporting unauthorized purchases. While some programs offer guaranteed fraud protection, JMC customers report an average savings of 10% or more on fuel expenses after implementing the JMC Petrol management solution.

It only takes 15 minutes to know more detail. Click here to start saving today!

5k+ Satisfied Customers

SDS Sdn Bhd

“If anyone asked me, should I use JMC Fleet Management for my business, I would enthusiastically tell them, yes. Since we have partnered with JMC, I don’t give fleet management a thought. It’s a little like breathing air at this point, it’s just taken care of and we can now focus on building my business.”
“They watch our petrol management like they are our staff, managing and controlling usage are they best know-how” CN Vision Sdn Bhd

“My client are all over Malaysia, JMC’s DUO Card save us many time when one of the petrol station facing server down” Diamond Point Sdn Bhd

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